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Weekly Lineup

Taco Tuesdays
3pm to 12am
Wine Tasting Wednesdays
5pm to 7pm
Jukebox Brunch Sundays
11am to 3pm

Drink Kits

Select our love local® White or Red Sangria or our Signature Margarita!

High Tea

Plan a special and high-class experience. Available on saturdays for pickup from 11am to 4pm
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love local ®
BBQ Lit Kits

Premium kits featuring CDN prime filet mignons and striploins from Cumbrae’s, and radius® burgers
Try our new bonfire barbeque box!


Our goal is to re-introduce you to an era when food and drink did not come pre‑packaged and tasted uniformly blah, but instead was masterfully prepared by a team that love to cook and aim to please. We believe that you can taste the difference. From farm fresh eggs and locally baked goods, to naturally grown seasonal vegetables, our chef takes what arrives that morning and makes beautiful food from it that day.


With seating for up to 340 guests, radius® is the perfect venue for your next party! From small family gatherings to weddings to large corporate events, we can provide a great space for you to get together and we are happy to work with you to develop a menu that meets all your needs.


Private parties are available in any of our venues, including our Urban Casual Dining area, our Bar area (with 15 great beers on tap!) and our Multi-level Patio spaces. We would be happy to help you arrange for live music or any other entertainment your party requires and we look forward to accommodating your special requests.