January 1, 2021

Dear Friends, 

Thank you to all who supported us in 2020.  It was a trying year; to say the least.  Looking back though, it was also a year that provided many opportunities; many silver linings.  A chance to become closer, and build stronger, more meaningful connections with our Family, Friends, Customers, and Colleagues.  We truly were, “all in this together.”

Like many of the tens of thousands of restaurants across Canada, we were hit hard.  Sales plummeted, consumers became uncertain on what was safe, allowed, or available.  We saw red ink drench the paper our results were printed on; every month.  Our sheer existence was in jeopardy.  We went through multiple shutdowns, lay-offs, restrictions on seating, as well as limitations on the hours we could operate.

Through all of these trials, and tribulations, though, many positives surfaced.  The remaining members of our Team stepped-up, and did whatever it took to keep us moving forward.  We listened even harder to the needs, and wants of our Customers, and focused to deliver an even higher level of service, quality, and value than ever before.  We learned how to execute, and deliver a premium take-out offering.  We successfully opened our love local® Store, and sold more than 500 high-quality Holiday gift baskets; each containing the finest products, locally created by amazing, and dedicated small businesses.  We stayed true to our love local® tag line with our ingredients, cocktails, wines, and our determination to still give back to the Community with both financial donations, and meals.  We also continued to receive the love, and support from you, our valued Patrons, and for that we are extremely grateful.

In the coming weeks, we have decided to take a pause, and we will be TEMPORARILY closing from February 1st, until the spring.  We will be using this time to recharge, work on enhanced areas of Customer value, and prepare for the next chapter of the radius® story.  In the meantime, we will be open for business, so please order, as often as you can, and don’t forget to use your gift cards.  Our hours of operation, up until January 30th are: Tuesday to Saturday, from 3pm to 8pm. 

Finally, we encourage you to find, and cherish your silver linings.  Use them to catapult yourself, your loved ones, your career, and your business forward in 2021.  By doing so, you will be able to look back, and say, 2020 truly was a turning point, and a defining moment in time.

Happy New Year, and thank you again! 

Team radius®

Monday March 16,

Dear valued radius® Guests,

Effective immediately, we are making the very difficult decision to temporarily close the restaurant for lunch, dinner, brunch, events, and After Dark, due to Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health’s strong recommendation to close all restaurants to assist in controlling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although, as of today, it was not mandated for us to close, we believe it is the right thing to do to protect the health, and safety of our Guests, and Employees, while upholding our values. We are disappointed that this will both financially, and emotionally burden our incredible, dedicated, and hard-working radius® Team. We hope that the government will step-in to provide financial aid, and support to all hardworking Employees, and small businesses.

In the meantime, we will continue to provide delicious options for our Customers, as our Executive Chef, Gordon Goss, will roll-up his sleeves, and you can order radius® to go, Tuesday to Saturday from 4pm to 9pm. This will provide our Clients with some enjoyment during this unprecedented time. For more information, visit our website, and follow us on social media.

Finally, we remain optimistic that this will pass in the coming weeks, and our amazing Guests, and Team will be back together; stronger than ever. For updates, on our reopening timelines, and any questions, please contact our General Manager, and Managing Partner, Dan Trevisani, at dan@radius.ca.

Thank you for your loyalty, and stay safe,

Ian Ladd
President & CEO radius® Hospitality