What you can expect from radius®:

· Clean Restaurant – Tables, chairs, menus, and POS payment systems are disinfected after each use, cleaned professionally each night.

· Clean Restrooms – Sanitized every 30 minutes, cleaned professionally each night.

· Physical Distancing – Reconfigured, spaced table layout.

· Healthy Team Members – Use of Ministry of Health’s daily health screening checklist, and temperature checks. If an Employee shows any signs, even slightly of being ill, they are asked to not come into work, and to protect the health, and safety of their Co-Workers, and Guests.

· Protective Equipment – Masks on every Team member, for every position. All staff will now wear masks, and visors, pre-shift, during shift, and post-shift, indoors, and outdoors. During cleaning time, all Employees must continue to wear their masks. Masks must not be pulled down. Exceptions to wearing masks are during breaks, but breaks will be taken alone, in a designated area, not in the servery.

· Frequent Handwashing and Sanitizing – Employees will regularly wash their hands. Hand sanitizers are accessible in all areas, and our Team will frequently sanitize.

· Antivirus Fogging & Added Products – Opening & Closing Manager is responsible to use the antivirus fogger to treat the entire restaurant, including the bar area, and restrooms each morning, and night. Extra antivirus products will now be used, and point of sale systems, and the bar will be cleaned every hour.


What we ask of you, our Customers:

· Plan Ahead – Reservations are preferred and can be booked on radius.ca.

· Check-in Screening & Registration – When Customers enter the restaurant, they must sanitize their hands, answer a few questions, and share contact information with our Host.

· Do Not Congregate – Please do not gather in the lobby, bar, outside restrooms, or at other tables.

· Give Fellow Guests Their Space – Please physical distance at least two metres.

· Wear a Mask – When entering, exiting, using restrooms, or walking anywhere in the restaurant.

· Utilize Mobile Pay – Use tap payment methods when possible.

· Suppliers & Deliveries – All suppliers, and delivery personnel must follow all applicable points above.

Your radius® Leadership Team